Philippe Machuel Showcases Professional Accomplishments through Worldwide Branding

Philippe Machuel is the founder of Shelly North Carolina Incorporated, a firm that "collaborates with other worldwide energy and business leaders to help you achieve your sustainability plan"

CHARLOTTE, NC, October 4, 2013, Philippe Machuel, President, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Shelly North Carolina Incorporated, has been recognized by Worldwide Branding for showing dedication, leadership and excellence in the energy industry.

Backed by a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and master’s degree in physics from Israel Institute of Technology, Mr. Machuel began his career in financial optimization for warehouse management and manufacturing companies. He eventually progressed into energy optimization, and 15 years ago, founded Shelly North Carolina Incorporated, where he serves as the president and chief executive officer.

Shelly North Carolina Incorporated is a wholly-owned U.S. energy company that, together with Shelly Global Solutions, offers services for the logistics, manufacturing, health care, pharmaceutical, property management and retail industries, including energy optimization and renewable energy services. The firm helps other companies “gain efficiencies, re-invest in their businesses and meet U.S. and international energy standards while creating more value and sustainability for your business.” Furthermore, Shelly North Carolina Incorporated provides business intelligence to companies that have large scale operations or high energy costs, and is currently striving to administer the overall sustainability of military bases, military operations, cities, and towns to ensure fiscal and environmental improvement.

As the chief executive of Shelly North Carolina Incorporated, Mr. Machuel works hard to ensure business operations run smoothly, and is constantly on the lookout for international partnerships and resellers. Aside from his professional endeavors, he is affiliated with the Wildlife Association, and enjoys engaging in sports and martial arts. In the years to come, Mr. Machuel plans to give his career additional value by making a difference in the energy industry and bringing business back to the states, all while protecting the environment.

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